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12 April, 2023 | by

We can almost ask ourselves an existential question here - how to distinguish good from evil? Yes, yes - you're probably wondering now whether you're still reading a blog post from a hosting company or if you've stumbled upon the pages of an equally popular personal trainer ;)

However, our existential question actually allows us to outline how one of the components of the beloved Imunify360 works. This solution - tailored for Linux-based servers - and therefore servers, has recently become a hit. Why? Dear Readers - anything that secures the content of your hosting will always be a hit, especially if it's easy to use and, above all, effective.

Of course, Imunify360 is available at Although few of you pay attention to the additional icons appearing in cPanel, we're already showing it - see this option here:

We live in times when readily available AI creates graphics, answers questions. So why shouldn't we use artificial intelligence to learn bad and good patterns? Here we return to our most important question - how to distinguish good from evil? Don't get it wrong - we're still on a hosting blog, so the answer to this question will have a strictly technological dimension. Attention:

One of the very important components of the whole 'machine' that is Imunify360 has become Webshield. Anticipating questions - yes, of course, Webshield is available on servers. Its task is very simple - to cut off any traffic that is spam, automatic bot, or traffic aimed at attacking or slowing down the operation of the website. This system works on the already known principle of CAPTCHA - if suspicious traffic is detected, which is not human but a machine created to make our lives miserable - instead of the page, a screen like the one below will appear. You can, of course, edit it according to the instructions available on

Importantly, Webshield does not block Google bot traffic, which we desire on the website as they help us with paid or organic SEO. As you rightly suspect, Webshield learns correct patterns, so the vast majority of internet users will access the site without any verification, and any erroneous recognition will not be repeated.

And that's how, dear ones, we distinguish good from evil in the technological sense. :) We know you don't have to stay up to date with every technological innovation, so we're happy to do it for you by announcing that Imunify360 and Webshield are available on hosting. Of course, included in the package price :)

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