Extra Services.

Find an extensive range of options to optimize your hosting experience. Whether you require tailored e-mail functionality or enhanced website speed, we possess the expertise to cater to your specific needs.

Dedicated server

Whole machine just for you! We will take care of it so it will be safe and always on, and you ? You
just install, administer and configure all that you want. Server for e-shop, server for portal – in brief
server for everything, that is extensive!

Your own IP address

From the set of our IP address – we will allocate you one with the greatest pleasure. Thank to this
solution, despite owning a shared hosting account, you will be individuality in world wide web!
85,40 zł 69,43 zł /
gross net
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Individual hosting offer

You have already seen our hosting accounts details for sure. However you would like to adjust parameters to your needs? Nothing more simple! Get in touch with us.

Untypical technical job

Sometimes you need our admins more than ever. Oh, we definitely like challenges, which even slightly differ from standard duties. Let us know, what can we do for you.
110,70 zł 90,00 zł /
gross net
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Restore hosting account

You overslept? Forgot, despite tons of e-mails we sent? Went on long holiday trip and services are unactive now? We hope we have your hosting account files in our backups, let's check it out!
110,70 zł 90,00 zł /

gross net
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Login change

You have a hosting account with us since forever and chosen login does not match your current work/company profile? We can change it right away, just suggest us your new login options, that suits you better.
19,00 zł 15,45 zł /

gross net
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Our partners.

Monitoring 24/7.

Round the clock server monitoring
allows you to easily use
WEBD.pl services!