Help: What does it mean - type of validation DV (domain) and what is OV (company)?

In order for the SSL certificate issuer to issue such a product for your domain, it needs full confirmation that the domain exists and is fully managed by you.

From the question about ordering an SSL certificate, you already know that in most cases it is required to have an active e-mail address, to which a special message arrives for confirmation. This is the type of DV validation, i.e. domain validation.

If you want the SSL certificate to contain specific information for which company it was issued, in this case you are interested in the OV certificate. In this case, confirmation requires sending the relevant documents confirming the company's existence to the exhibitor, the procedure is more demanding. You can find out about what documents will be required for your domain from our Customer Service. Thus, the Sectigo Elite SSL certificate with OV validation type is possible to register only for company data.

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