Help: How to add an SPF record for a domain in

What is the SPF Record Useful For? If you want to indicate that only the server has the right to send emails from your domain, the SPF record is very useful. It helps prevent third parties from sending unwanted emails from your domain.

To add an SPF record, follow these 4 steps in cPanel. Copy the value of our SPF if emails from your domain are to be sent from our server: v=spf1 -all

Note: For newly added domains in, the SPF record is added automatically.

1.	Odnajdź w cPanel edytor stref DNS
1. Locate the DNS Zone Editor in cPanel
2. Click Manage next to the respective domain
3. Add a record (remember that the SPF record is of type TXT and may already be added. Be sure to check this, and if such a record already exists, edit the existing one)
4. Fill in the record details and, of course, save it 😊


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